C.O.B.B. International Society

formerly Crippled Old Biker Bastards
Started in July 2002, Officially Chartered and Incorporated 2005
All Graphics, Logos & Patch designs are copyrighted © and trademarked ™

































Initially the Crippled Old Biker Bastards was merely an internet organization and took years to convince founder (Jimmy Trotta) to create an active organization. He got tired of all the internet bitching and moaning and folded the organization hoping someone would carry on the cause.

As past Society Director, I and several others accepted that challenge.  Six different Constitutions were forwarded to then the few leaders of the old C.O.B.B. Society. Nary a comment or rebuttal was received, other than snide remarks from unknown individuals on a forum.  Having received no formal objections, we initiated the COBB International Society.

In our possession we have signed applications of agreement to abide by the guidelines of the Constitution, By-Laws and Manual of Procedure that have been ignored or blatantly disregarded. Health & monetary issues prevented intervention and enforcement. To those renegade individuals, I am an asshole for calling them out.  Perhaps I am, yet believe; “Following the rules is a big part of respect”.  In particular was one, “Michael Hoppe” from San Diego, CA who somehow conned the COBB Albion Society of the UK into naming him the US President. That being that being the case he should be wearing their version of the logo and not a violation of our copyright.

THE COBB LOGO: A great deal of research and effort went into designing the logo to indicate neutrality of design and color and was approved by the COC. COBB Holland was the only area given permission to replicate our design.  To date there are seven different varieties of our copyright in circulation. These illegal patches may be acceptable in some areas, but are not neutral in design and color

WARNING: If you are sporting one of these on your vest and travel to other areas, you may be inviting trouble from the territorial 1% MC’s. (If you have any doubts, asks those in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Australia).  Many thanks to those having stayed the course and remained faithful.

Change is on the horizon and we are not accepting any new applications at this time.